The New Wave in Personal Safety & Security
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The New Wave In Personal Safety & Security?

“Why More Civilians Are Now Using Bodycams As The New Wave In Personal Safety & Security. Here’s The Company That’s Single-Handedly Meeting The Growing Demand.”

They’ve been effective in our cars and for a number of incidents involving police. And now with all the civil unrest across the country, more people are now using personal body cameras as the new wave in personal safety & security. And the shocking reasons why make us wonder why this hasn’t been done sooner.

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With the number of peaceful protests that have later turned violent since 2016 growing at an alarming pace, to random encounters that led to deadly shootings. It’s unclear anymore whether a brief trip outside your home may turn into an unexpected tragedy that could cost you your life.

We recently polled over 1,000 people with a whopping 98% of them saying that the biggest fear they have with any unexpected potentially violent encounter, next to losing their life, is not having their version of events properly told so that justice could be served.

With the other 2% more fearful over finding themselves in a scenario that rapidly gets out of hand so fast, that they won’t have enough time to quickly pull out their phone and hit record without fumbling around, let alone the opportunity to call for assistance.

And with the many reported issues of police body cameras either not being used in some departments, or not being turned on or turned off during critical key moments, to footage being withheld from the public many months after it was captured.

People are less trustful of relying on eternal footage that could be altered or kept from public view, while a story that contradicts what is actually in the footage gets concocted.

Because of this more people today say they feel less safe and worry that their word alone may no longer be enough to get justice during an encounter that turns violent or deadly.


The New Wave In Personal Safety & Security

From stories of conflict between protestors and anti-protesters across the country, to terrifying third-world country-like scenarios of civilians being abducted off the streets and taken into unmarked vehicles off to parts of unknown.

To instances of dangerous seemingly out of nowhere assaults on bystanders young and old, who didn’t see an attack coming, and barely caught a glimpse of their assailant…

All the way to kidnapping, home break-ins and robbery, which surprisingly in 2020 still happens more often than you can imagine.

Did you know that in 2019 there were over 600,000 reports of missing people, and over 1.6 million home break-ins? And according to the Department of Justice police are only able to solve about 15% of missing person cases and only 13% of home burglary cases due to a lack of witnesses or video evidence.

That’s only 90,000 missing persons recovered out of 600,000 reported missing. And only 208,000 home burglary cases solved out of 1.6 million.

The report also found robbers were less intimidated to attack victims in their home if they were either female or between the ages of 12-19 and home alone.

And stunningly the numbers of violent crimes and aggravated assault are no better, with the total number of violent crimes across the U.S. at over 1.2 million just in 2018 alone. And that includes everything from; murder, manslaugher, and homocide, to hate crimes, rape, sexual and aggravated assault.

And while the full reports for 2020 don’t come out until 2021 it’s unclear right now if we’ll see these numbers rise. But based on the tense polarized climate and amount of civil unrest and violence we’ve already seen in 2020, the numbers of violent crime rising might be a safe bet.

Meaning the need for personal video surveillance, which could be used as “evidence” has never been more apparent.

But being less safe shouldn’t be the only safe bet we can count on should it?

Thankfully, one company is working to help us all feel more safe and secure by making the same video surveillance devices police use available to us regular citizens.

And to no one’s surprise it’s now quickly become the new, trusted, MUST HAVE item for your personal protection and safety.

After seeing the growing need for personal video surveillance in today’s heavily polarized and radically tense climate, where violent crimes are increasing at alarming rates. And show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

SafetyCam personal body camera sales have skyrocketed this year by people who say they simply want to feel more safe and want the added protection.


This highly durable, lightweight, convenient body camera records in picture perfect 1080HD resolution, capturing photos and videos with crystal clear visibility.

And no need to worry about turning the camera on, because SafetyCam comes with a unique auto-motion detection technology. Meaning, it starts recording anytime something or someone comes into close proximity to you.

No need to use your phone to record anymore, you can automatically capture any incident while freely using your phone to call for assistance.

SafetyCam is not only amazingly sturdy, but it’s also waterproof, and shockproof, capable of handling all kinds of rugged conditions.

It comes equipped with advanced 6X Zoom IR Night Vision lenses, perfect for clear nighttime recording. And gives you 3-hours of HD video recording and 7 hours of perfectly pitched audio recording.


The New Wave In Personal Safety & Security

According to one official police source, many departments have a lot of red tape in mandating and requiring the widespread use of body cameras, leaving their use “optional” in some departments.

SafetyCam offers the added protection of video evidence that some law enforcement due to no fault of their own are simply unable to provide.

SafetyCam provides you with complete protection by helping to:

  • Prevent threats
  • Capture encounters that may pose a danger
  • Stops untruthful accusations
  • And perfect for litigation where it’s your word against someone else’s

SafetyCam was originally only intended for law enforcement, but personal use is now endorsed by police across the country, with many officials saying “ it’s just as important for civilian use now more than ever. And can help police solve more crimes.”

Legal experts agree that personal surveillance can be a deterrent to bad actors looking to break the law. And for those who do, SafetyCam can provide the untainted truth of the events as they happened.

You can upgrade your personal protection with the new wave in personal safety & security by getting your own SafetyCam.

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