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Does Solar Power Make Sense for You?

Are you still reliant on the power grid to get your electricity from dirty fossil fuel burning power plants? Did you know that now, with new government saving programs you could qualify for a $0 down solar installation and start living off of clean energy like some of your neighbors are doing?! Keep reading to see if solar power makes sense for you.

Until recently, getting solar panels installed on your roof was more about saving the environment than saving money. However, now as part of federal and state government incentive programs encouraging homeowners to switch over to clean energy sources, smart homeowners like you that live in specific zip codes are being offered $1000’s of dollars in tax savings, rebates and incentives to Go Solar!

Does Solar Power Make Sense for You?

In fact, many homeowners that do qualify end up saving hundreds of dollars off their energy bill. Does solar power make sense for you?

Getting matched with the right solar provider near you

Once you see how much you can save by going solar, you’ll be glad you acted fast.
Although congress did extend the federal tax credit incentives through 2020, no one is sure how long they are going to last. The unfortunate reality is that there is more uncertainty in our world now, more than ever before. With the changing climate, hurricanes, and wildfires, how much can you trust your energy company to get you electricity when you need it the most? Get matched with the best provider in your area who can give you a FREE Quote and help you to calculate your savings has never been easier.

Want to get a FREE solar quote today?

It takes just minutes to get started and start living the green dream! So click here to see if solar makes sense for you.

If you’ve made the decision on solar, check out these must have’s for a home bar!

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