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The Cheaper Way to an MBA

Have you been thinking about getting an MBA, but stopped because of cost?  Did you know that there is a cheaper MBA option?  Maybe finally earning that MBA degree will help you be considered for a higher position and higher pay. In the past, the only way to get an MBA was through a traditional MBA program offered by a campus-based university. But the internet has revolutionized online learning. Cheaper MBA programs are now being offered online by traditional colleges and universities, as well as online only institutions!

Traditional and online MBA programs both have the same end goal – training and preparing students for an advanced career in business management.  Traditional and online MBA programs offer similar curriculum and the same degree of difficulty (if not the same curriculum taught by the same instructors!) But, a traditional MBA program will have to be taken on the university’s schedule.  For someone who is already in the workforce, this could mean attending classes on weekends or evenings.

A traditional campus based program will also require you to commute to and from the institution.  Most credits must be taken “in residence”, which means sitting in the classroom!  Online MBA programs present a more convenient, flexible, and cheaper alternative. With online learning, you can attend classes from any location as long as you have an internet connection.

Like a traditional MBA, an online MBA’s curriculum will consist of lectures, reading materials, and assignments.  The difference is they will be available for download as text, multimedia and audio files.  And you won’t miss any peer interaction.  Online channels such as discussion boards, chat, and email provide peer and professor interaction.  . 

One of the best benefits of an online MBA program is cost and speed.  Online MBA programs allow you to get the same degree at a lower cost.  While a traditional MBA program may cost you a minimum of 20K a year, some online MBA programs are offered for as little as a ¼ of that!  You will also find savings on textbooks and commuting.  And, most online MBA programs allow you to work at your speed.  Whether you want to finish your degree with an accelerated pace over the course of a year, or take your time and spend a few years getting there – it’s up to you.  So now might be the perfect time to get online and get that MBA.

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Written by Mary McDowell


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